Saturday, February 7, 2015

Velvet Verbosity: Those Words That Make You Nervous

She pulled grandmother's patchwork quilt tighter around her slight shoulders. Her dark hair stringy, brow pinched, and eyes damp with tear remnants. He had never seen her look so intensely fragile. He held a calloused hand up in a feeble attempt to keep her from uttering anything. Maybe even a "Sh-sh-shhh." softly escaped on his breath. His only desire was to kiss the confusion away.

Her lips began moving; a train barreling down the track. 

"I have something to tell you..."

His eyes glazed over. In his experience, nothing pleasant ever started with those words. But then her face softened..


This 100 word piece is in response to the prompt "quilt" at

[This phone blogging thing isn't going as smoothly as I imagined. Can't get the formatting right! Sorry! I am working on it.]


  1. Formatting aside, this had some great details.

  2. Thanks for stopping by MRM, Barbara, and VV! The formatting is driving me NUTS! I appreciate your comments very much! I plan to spend more time in the VV community.