Thursday, March 10, 2016

100 Word Challenge: Two Years Past A Quarter Century

Halfway back I answered, “Pick the best one, choose for love, then cross your fingers.” I meant it.

No one has a pellucid view at the altar all stargazed eyes, flushed cheeks, and Ode to Joy belting from organ pipes. You are, in many ways, the purest version of yourself. And them to you.

Not until you’ve watered the lawn and tended the weeds. Grown beautiful things. Glimpsed the amplified worst and best possible versions is the true veil lifted. (Because we all change, don’t we?) 

At some point if you’re lucky, your breathing relaxes, and you uncross them.



This week, Tara at Thin Spiral Notebook gave us the word "change" as our writing prompt. I wrote about an anniversary one other time HERE.


  1. Oh wow, so very true! I think I' uncrossed my fingers around the 10 year mark! Now we are 4 years past that so...hopefully it'll stay that way! *crosses fingers again*

  2. Apropos... my 30th anniversary is this summer. I uncrossed my fingers what seems a lifetime ago.

  3. Our 47th is coming soon, well, May. I didn't think we would see it after July 31st, so each added day is a blessing. Nicely done, Gina

  4. After all this cancer stuff, my fingers are uncrossed!

  5. So much packed into these 100 words!

    I could read this over and over.


    Ally :)