Monday, February 22, 2016

It's Monday, February 22nd. What Are You Reading?

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I was away last week so I had the opportunity for quite a bit of reading due to travel time.

I have recently finished:

The Lost Daughter by Elena Ferrante. It is no secret that I am absolutely nuts, and obsessed, with this author and her books. This one was gobbled up on the travel day to my destination. It is classic Ferrante. Dark. Gut-punching. Compelling.

Simple Passion by Annie Ernaux. This I devoured poolside over the course of two days. I believe I first became aware of this journal-like novel from a Book Riot post. Translated from French, Ernaux chronicles what it was like being emotionally, physically, and mentally obsessed with  a lover over the course of two years. It isn’t so much about her feelings, but more of her actions and thought process. I understood it to be more of a memoir. I can’t say I have felt or done these things in relation to just one person, but I certainly saw glimpses of myself over the course of multiple relationships. It was fascinating, familiar, and gripping.

Troubling Love by Elena Ferrante. Again, I love her though this wasn’t a favorite of mine. The writing felt cumbersome and disjointed. There is always an element of discomfort and the unexpected in Ferrante’s stories. You come to expect it, and this novel had it as well. I will read anything she writes.

The Story of a New Name by…guess who?…Elena Ferrante. Thank goodness I brought a fourth book because I needed it halfway home. This is the second of four books in the My Brilliant Friend series. I loved My Brilliant Friend and care about these characters, and I continue to feel the same way with The Story of a New Name.

I am currently reading:

My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout (of Pulitzer Prize winning note for Olive Kitteridge). I am loving it. Strout has such style. I just get her. If you’ve ever read anything by her, you’ll know what I mean. Like Olive Kitteridge, it induces strong visceral feelings and reactions. I am always on the edge waiting for the other shoe to drop. Call me crazy, but I like that feeling.

Since I should be wrapping this up today, my plan is to start The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Now this is supposed to be cray-cray! Don’t know what’s going on with me, but I am craving unstable characters these days!

I want to get my hands on:

Felicity by Mary Oliver and Forty Rooms by Olga Grushin. But before I do that, I need to finish up H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald, which is sitting right next to me.

That’s me! What are you reading? Any recommendations?


My Name Is Lucy BartonMy Name Is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I just like her writing. She leads us gently through the dynamics of a mother/daughter relationship, and others of equal importance, without ever hitting us over the head. We get to do the discovery. The epitome of subtlety.

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  1. I have to confess that I read My Brilliant Friend and I haven't read any of the others yet! I'm debating if I should space them out or try to read them all at once.

    1. I finished My Brilliant Friend last July and I wish I would have picked up the second book sooner as I've forgotten much of the detail! I think I will NOT let much time pass before starting the next.

      Here's a great article about the mysterious Ferrante:

  2. You have some nice books. I never heard of any of them will have to check them out as some of the titles sound very good.

    Theresa (The Truth About Books)
    see my answer here

    1. Thanks for stopping by Theresa! I am in a very good place with my reading lately.

  3. The Lost Daughter sounds so good.

    ENJOY the rest of this week of reading.

    Silver's Reviews
    My It's Monday, What Are You Reading

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for dropping by (I tried to leave a comment on your blog but it didn't go through. Will try again!)

      The Lost Daughter is outstanding! Give it a whirl!!!

  4. Not “reading” anything, but listening to a book called One Good Dog by Susan Welch. Good so far - light read. I have a sticky note around her with Elena Ferante’s name on it. Seems like it said (series) in parenthesis. I saw the cutest journal type notebook the other day, now I want to go back and get it because I’m not doing good with keeping all my want to reads in one spot. The cover looked like a back in the day library check out cards, the pages inside were similar but you just write down what you want to read. There’s probably an app for that so.. hmmm. Oh duh Goodreads. I’m not very good with Goodreads.

    1. Hey Kenya! I'll have to check out "One Good Dog". I'm listening to, just starting, "A Man Called Ove".
      Ferrante's series is "My Brilliant Friend", which is also the title of the first book. Outstanding!!!

      I keep my "want to secure" list in the Notepad of my phone. Not perfect, but works. My general "to read" list is on Goodreads. Are you using the mobile app? I have found that difficult, so even though I may access Goodreads on my phone, I pull up the full site. It is just easier for me!

      I love your cute journal idea. That's what my mom does!

    2. Yep I actually look at Goodreads from my computer. So things are just better - bigger. I think I’m going to go back and get that little journal thing today. It was cute. LOL! I use Notes book things particularly when there’s a series I need to read in order. I just finished One Good Dog on my walk this morning. Loved it.

    3. Anything cute that helps us keep track of things, especially books, has tremendous value. I'm going to go check out One Good Dog. I'm listening to A Man Called Ove, and I am loving it from 1/8 in!