Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Vacation Reading

Before anyone gets really upset with me, remember I am probably 15 years older than you with over half my life now in the rearview mirror. Want to trade ages?

I have a standard sized, black 24” piece of luggage. I bring it on all my trips because no matter how hard the zipper is to secure, it is almost surely guaranteed to weigh less than the 50 pound weight restriction. Also, I make my hubby get on the scale with it because I have absolutely no desire to see what I weigh, fully clothed, right before I am about to go and gain more weigh. Uh, uh.

When packing for vacation, most people would spend the majority of time pondering what to wear. There is the daytime climate and temperature to consider, but also the evening. I have always subscribed to the theory that having options is best.

Except, this is not how my mind works. I spend hours selecting my book options. Sure, I can buy a book at an airport, but what if they only have some cheesy best-sellers that hold no interest to me. Plus, I have about one hundred unread books here and I might have book-shopped in anticipation.

So like the weather, my vacation book choices must also take into account a multitude of situational factors like if there is traffic on the way to the airport because there's always traffic in Chicago, a plane delayed by weather because it's Chicago, climate changes at destination (sunshine vs. rain), daytime or nighttime, tipsy or not, heavy or light content, etc.. 

I need an airport read to satisfy any quick seconds I have as hubby walks off to get us coffee or glass of wine (poems). One for the 4 hour plane ride there, a pool option for when others are around because I get distracted by conversation (short story collection). Should I get a few hours all to myself when everyone else goes golfing, I will need one then (because I would probably finish the book from plane trip)! I will need one to read after hubby falls asleep. Lastly, I will need one for the trip home unless I see that a good movie will be playing eastbound from California.

See how my wheels spin?

You may be wondering how all these books affect my luggage weight, so let me explain. I usually carry on two, pack a few lighter ones in my suitcase then stick the heaviest one plus a few pairs of shoes and all the sunscreen into my husband’s bag because his never, ever approaches the weight maximum. And a girl’s got to have options.

Or just maybe, I should pack one big one to read when I can, but spend most of the time talking to the people I am with.That’s a tough one for a rather reserved, voracious reader. You know what I mean?


  1. Do you have a Kindle or Nook? Then you could take thousands of books with you on vacation, and at only a few ounces :D I got the Kindle Paperwhite last year and it's amazing! My local library system also participates in Overdrive, so I have access to thousands of (free!) kindle books, 24 hours a day, that I can load and start reading within 2 minutes. I love reading physical books too, but the kindle is a lot more convenient!

    1. Hi! I know! We have three Kindkes in the family and I have an iPad (that I don't really use). It would be so easy if I wasn't obsessed with physical books! Thanks for visiting, Library Huntress!

  2. 15 years older...yeah sounds about right.