Monday, January 18, 2016

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? (Who Moved My Cheese?, and MLK, Jr. Addition)

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When I have a dog sitter (AKA Darling Daughter or Sassy Son) in the house, which I did this last weekend, I can never find my stuff, like this computer, once they vacate. I searched and searched for it thinking I’d eventually have to write this post on my phone. Once found, and in reality, I have this very vague memory that it was where I, myself, stashed it. But never mind that when I can place blame elsewhere for my frustration. I am mostly kidding here. 

What am I reading this bright and sunny though absolutely frigid Monday morning? I am still making my way through Hanya Yanatihara’s 720 page book called A Little Life. I am within 200 pages of finishing so I feel the end is in sight. My goal is to finish before Thursday night’s Read Harder book group meeting here in Chicago!!!

As I feel with most hefty tomes (The Goldfinch as one example), some fat could be trimmed from the story. I am truly loving the character development in this book, BUT…

I am fully aware and anticipate being completely crushed and broken-hearted once I finish. There is no other place for this story to go, and I will be intensely disappointed, after devoting so much time, if the author ties this up with a pretty bow. I highly doubt she will.

I am also about a quarter way through a collection of poems called Dream Work by Mary Oliver. If you remember, last week I read Oliver’s Pulitzer Prize winning collection called American Primitive (I sent it to a known poetry lover and I hope they enjoy it). I am liking Dream Work even more!

Not sure what I will be in the mood for once I finish A Little Life. I am expecting a hangover. Though, in the spirit of this holiday, Martin Luther King Day, I should aim to finish Between the World and Me.


  1. Ha, isn't it great to blame someone else for a lost item. I do that and then have to talk myself out of it, because I live alone!
    What a huge book but good to be coming to a fore seeable close. Hope it's a perfect ending.

    1. There is one person in my family who is a notorious thing mover. It's not unlikely, and is a common occurrence, but this time 'twas moi!

      I'm loving it as much as it is difficult to read. I do and don't want it over. It's weighing heavy.

  2. My husband misplaces his phone or keys sometimes. He makes me call his phone so we can try to locate the ringing if it's in the house instead of in his car or something. I commend you for tackling a huge and heavy book. I was part of a book club but never made the meet ups. I think I've been dropped.

    1. I'm not as big of a misplacer as I used to be. I'm on the messy end of the spectrum so I look for things a lot. My phone would be easier to track down if I turned the ringer on!

      I haven't been to this one yet, or any other in years. I used to get disappointed when I'd show up and most hadn't bothered to read the book. I've quit some and declined invitations to join others. The only one that's ever worked was with a few trusted readers! I also like one-on-one book clubs ;-).

  3. Those long books are such an investment. How did you feel when you finished? Yesterday I went to Goodwill and loaded up (got four which is loading up for me). Since I'm in writing-a-Southern-novel mode, I look for examples. Currently, I checked out Edisto by Padgett Powell. It was his first book. Only 180 some odd pages but one you have to concentrate on almost every sentence. If I start trying to read normal speed, something will jump out at me and I realize I wasn't paying close enough attention to comprehend his leap. xoxo