Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Stealing: I Have Answers!

  1. Do you know any couples that have been married for a long time? Almost everyone I know has been, or was, married for over a quarter century.
  2. What are you tired of people telling you? That I need to move     back to the suburbs.
  3. Which type of ice cream do you prefer? You mean flavor? I like vanilla with chocolate sauce or salted caramel. If you mean type, I will always order a chocolate shake, malted preferred.
  4. Do you have a little sister? What’s her name? I am still mad at my mom and dad for not giving me a sister. No, I’m not really. I consider my life filled with sisters who happen to not be of blood relation. Maggie, Sue, Cathy, Jen, Liz, Cristina. Sorry if I have forgotten anyone.
  5. What was the last movie you watched on TV? Last night, we watched Burnt with Bradley Cooper. It was okay. I like movies about cooking, but I was frustrated with the lack of annunciation. 
  6. If the internet wasn’t available, what would you do instead? I am only taking a quick break from what I was just doing, which is reading. Reading is a default function/activity for me. I am reading a short story collection called American Housewives by Helen Ellis, if you were curious. It’s pretty funny.
  7. Do you complain a lot? I don’t think so, but you should ask my husband for confirmation.
  8. Name a movie that you favorite actor is in? Hmmmmm. I don’t have a current favorite. Sorry, Tatum.
  9. Do you like your toes? I like them better when they are painted, which they are now. The color is “Lincoln Park After Dark”. It is a purple so deep it is almost black. It’s my winter color. But do I really like them? Eh, they are a little chubby.
  10. Would you rather go to an authentic haunted house or an ancient temple? Oh, I hate haunted houses! I would have horrible dreams for years. I can’t stand things jumping out at me. I LOVE ancient temples (I was in Nepal eleven months ago and was fortunate to see fifty or more!)
  11. Have you ever had champagne? Did you like it? I love champagne. I almost bought a tee-shirt at Christmastime that said “Champagne and Spaghetti”. That kind of sums me up!
  12. Are there any seashells in your room? Definitely. I pick them up whenever I can. Rocks, too.
  13. What was the reason for the last time you went outside? I went to yoga this afternoon.
  14. Do you like fruity or minty gum? Minty. Fresh breath is important.
  15. Are you looking forward to any day of this month? YES! I am very much looking forward to February 11th!!! My hubby is taking me somewhere and I have no idea where. My only clues are some Christmas gifts including two rain ponchos, an umbrella, and a wireless and waterproof speaker. Sounds like I am going to get wet. Better not be cold and wet.
  16. What was the last graduation you attended? My daughter’s college graduation.
  17. Do you rummage throughout he $5 movie bin at Walmart? Um, always.
  18. What day of the week do you usually do laundry? Everyday. I do a load a day.
  19. Do you like using air fresheners? Where the heck did this question come from? Are candles included? I burn them a lot. Citrus or clean linen are my favorite scents.
  20. Are you nails ever painted red? Yes, during the holiday season, but a very deep and dark shade.
  21. When you were a baby, did you have a favorite blanket? I am not aware.
  22. Ever been on a cruise? Three.
  23. Would your rather go to Alaska or Russia? Mine may be an unpopular answer.
  24. Strawberries or bananas? Love both, with chocolate all the better. Forced to choose? Strawberries.
  25. Are you wearing socks? Right now, no. I rarely wear them no matter the season.
  26. When was the last time you went to the mall? A couple of weeks. I am not much of a store shopper.

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  1. The local mall here is so awful, not very many stores, and none that appeal to me so I don't go often.