Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Holding the line: Stream of Consciousness Writing for 10/7/2015

Some sort of Jazz is playing. My phone is on the speaker setting because I have been on hold now for maybe 30 minutes. Not sure though. I know I started at “You are caller number 8.” I am now caller number 2. Each time they update my caller status, they change the music. I think this is to distract me, or maybe to make it seem like time is passing faster. It is not passing faster. It is actually moving slower. You know when you get hyper aware of something? I am starting to get the tinniest bit annoyed. Now Smooth is playing by Santana, and I have always liked this song. I’m swaying a little in my seat. Feeling some groove coming on. I am playfully distracted now. But they haven’t updated my caller status in a while now that I am thinking about it. Maybe I'm number 1 caller and I don’t even know it. I kind of don’t care. So maybe their distraction tactic is working. I sort of feel panicky because any moment I am going to have to stop writing and pick up the phone real quick and engage the government. I kind of don’t want to do that now. I am no longer in the mood. But I have waited for 34 minutes so I should. If they ever pick up. The worst thing that could happen right now is my call gets dropped. I am now the number 1 caller in line. It’s kind of exciting. I am next for something. I am just trying to streamline my entry into the United States and I seem to be roadblocked. Do you sometimes forget passwords to all the things you have to have passwords for? I do. I even wrote it down and everything, which I feel is pretty good for me. Now it’s not right. What? And I am locked out of the government system. That’s why I am holding the line. I am still caller number 1. What in the world have the last 8 callers been talking about for the 39 minutes? I don’t think I want to know. I gotta go. I finally got a human on the line…


  1. I hope you got the human you needed and didn't have to be transfered.

  2. Giggling because I thought like Kenya did -- don't get transferred. I hope it worked out for you. I'm at the point where I write stuff down and then forget where I put the paper even though I try to remind myself to put it in the same place each time.