Thursday, May 24, 2012

Get Out There Tonight! I Mean It!

Since February, we've been able to see Venus and Jupiter directly in line with the moon. Well, at least I saw it and loved it. TONIGHT, I read, is the last night Venus will be visible in relation to the moon. I am living in what seems to be "the land of the midnight sun" as west as you can get in the Eastern Time Zone. It gets dark very late (9:30pm) But tonight, look from the beautiful crescent moon to about 1:00. You WILL see Venus. She is orange. Please enjoy tonight. The stars are spectacular. I'm hoping I can make lots of falling star wishes.


  1. I just bought my husband a telescope for Father's Day at a garage sale (a super find). Will have a look at Venus tonight.

  2. What an incredible find! I love garage sales. I hope it's still there for you tonight. I will be looking for sure!

  3. Venus is such a lovely planet! I will be out in the backyard tonight. Maybe I still see it!

    1. I love Venus, and the idea of Venus! Did you see it last night?