Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Poem of Frustration

Each time I fix to write,
my fingers freeze up
and wither.
My mind is so pissed off
it scream,
“Come ON, Dumb-Ass!
spoon fed words
in dreams with popsicle promises,
and you can’t compose
fountain blue on white?
What good are you?”
My mind's lame bitch slap;
She needs to toughen up
'Cause the fighting is


  1. I felt every single word of this.

    I love you and you're words.

    1. Thanks, Doll! I figured you would.

  2. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.

  3. Slacker, oh slacker, wherefore art thou, oh slacker.
    Stop overthinking and start writing.

    "I was sitting by the lake reading the 23rd book of the summer when I finally accepted the Cubs will never win a World Series and the Bears will never win another Superbowl....

    1. Ha Ha! Who made you Jimmy Fallon???

      The Cubs are on a 10-1 winning streak. Won't last but exciting nonetheless. Reports in on the Bears this season. Predicted to be the worst team in the league. Again. Thanks management for hanging onto a loser. I haven't read that much. Quality over quantity. May start up soon. Dealing with some tricky issues.

    2. Hope the tricks have turned into treats and that they lead to the write stuff.

    3. It's not Halloween yet! The words are there; the time is not! Out of town for a bit, but setting next week as a potential start date!!! Miss it. In other news, my reading is thriving...