Monday, May 11, 2015

It's Monday, May 11th! What Are You Reading? (Long Overdue)

Apparently I haven’t updated my reading list here since April 20th! Yikes! At that time, I was reading feverishly, but since then…well, life. (All photos courtesy of

I have completed:

I LOVED this book! The writing is fantastic. The story is compelling and touching and will having you thinking about what it means to be human! Do NOT read reviews prior to delving in because there is a surprise element that, trust me, you will not want to know ahead of time!

My first collection of poetry. It broke my heart into a million tiny pieces (in a good way) and I will never be the same again. No other poetry collection will ever compare! That is until I find another of equal caliber. Simply stunning! A shout out to Rebecca at Book Riot for recommending this book!

This is what I said on Goodreads about this book:

"Translated perfectly from its native Italian; this novel is darkly stunning. The writing is gorgeous. It recounts a spiral; the depth of which I hope to never know though I could imagine it happening in a perfect storm of events. The souring of a marriage, betrayal, and its aftermath. Then mix in children. How would we pick up the pieces of our lives? It is at once stark and surprising, and touching and tender, but scary. It had me nervously awaiting what was coming next. A very visceral experience. My gut tells me to rate this 5-stars." 

Here’s what I AM reading:

As I pulled up the covers to snuggle in bed last night, I picked up...

And today, I will finish listening to...


  1. Those all look good! I just had to read and review a couple of books for my blog, and now I'm indulging in a Nevada Barr book.

    1. I've been lucky in reading lately! I will have to visit and check those reviews, Ginnie!!!

  2. I am desperate for some significant downtime where I can relax and read without feeling like I have a million things I have to do. Got a stack of books just waiting.

    1. You're at that time when the kids are keeping you almost busier than your 46(?) year old self might like to be. I get it. Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to reading?

    2. Yep, 46 and feeling feistier than ever. Have little tolerance for some of the more ridiculous things, but we'll set that aside for now.

      I need to read Jim Murray, The Last of The Best Again.
      Got a Stephen Ambrose book about D-Day, another Nelson Demille, Honor Bound by WEB Griffin and Lonesome Gods by Louis Lamour.

      That's the partial list.

      I have more than 40 boxes of books in my garage to sort through. I have read most of them, but there are bunches in there that I want to get to, some for a second or third time.

      Crazy time of life.