Saturday, April 29, 2017



They care nothing of what you want. It is said they reveal themselves on their own terms. 

And there’s this come hither sense to them, too. A beckoning finger. A sultry laugh.
An enigma or a best kept secret, they are.

And their constant teasing left my heart aching. Longing. Hopeful.
They held me there for days. Captive. 

Leave them alone, I told myself. Ignore them. Let them think they mean nothing.

And then it happened. When I least expected. Catching me unprepared. 

Inviting the late afternoon breeze into the room, I caught a sudden glint. My eyes widened with disbelief.

There it was. Naked without its veil. Illuminated.

The sun's last streaks banking off its peak.

Unexpected. Unbelievably majestic. Like a movie backdrop. 
My hand reached out into the crisp air. 

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