Thursday, May 26, 2016

100 Word Challenge: If I Ruled the World!

A dapper gentleman was caning down the sidewalk carefully scrutinizing the city cement. I’d noticed the elegant stature and silver cornrows first as she closed the sidewalk space between us. When their shoulders met, he spoke. 

“You have beautiful hair.” 

She tipped her head.

“You just made her day,” I said.

“I meant to.”

In my pretend world, I’d outlaw earbuds so people could hear birds, and buses, and actual voices. I’d ticket for web-surfing while walking instead of parking. Maybe even “Googling” while I had the pad out. Because simple displays of sweetness are easily missed when texting.


Come play along at Thin Spiral Notebook where we were given the word "Pretend" to inspire our 100-word piece!

Such simple displays of sweetness may come along only once.


  1. The fastest way to encourage people to look up instead of down is to make sure they are going to walk into poles and holes.

    That would be very effective.

    1. Yes, it would! I'm trying to leave my phone at home more. If one of us has one, that's all we need for emergencies! (P.S. Dropped mine in the drink over the weekend. That helps, too!)

    2. Didn't you just destroy the computer the same way too?

    3. Phone spent a day in rice, and *poof*, it's all better! I spilled wine on my computer about two years ago. You must be remembering that ;-).

  2. 120 days of non-writing must have left you with some ideas for a post. ;)

    1. Tons! Have to move first, but I will be back.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Jamie! Can't wait to find out if I was right!