Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Non-Denominational Literary Advent Calendar

It is no secret especially here. I love anything with a bookish bend.

Today over at Book Riot, they shared a literary Advent calendar. It is non-denominational, I assure you, and all about the Christmas feeling. Who doesn't love that?

The first entry, December 1st, is by… No! You go over and find out yourself. Let me point the way.

Enjoy these next 25 days, and sprinkle in a couple of poems, essays, and short stories by e.e. and Wordsworth and many other classic authors. Each day of December, WOO HOO! I CAN NOT be the only one excited! 

If you enjoy, please come back and let me know!


  1. Well if you must ask, I don't love the Christmas feeling, but books are cool.

    1. Then let's call it the "December" feeling, whichever way we choose to celebrate. I like that it is a mix of genre. Probably most too "Christmas-y" for you though. Let me know what you think!

    2. I like celebrating holidays but I am not a fan of the holidays. Don't know if that makes more sense. I get tired of the commercial aspect and the push to be kind because of time of year.

      If you are going to be kind it ought to be all year.

      And I get tired of the fight about whether there is a War on Christmas or not. The last couple of years I seem to have had a lot of people around me talking about it so maybe it is not as prevalent as it feels.

      But for this Jewish kid it gets old quickly because it feels like Christmas is everywhere so I don't understand the complaint nor am I saying it shouldn't be acknowledged or celebrated either.

      I guess it just feels like sometimes we miss the point of it all and fight over nonsense.

      I'd like to see people focus on just enjoying the time and thinking about the real meaning of these things.

    3. I agree. Christmas is so commercialized. I want to get back to, try to get back to, its original meaning. This goes for most, if not all, holidays as well.

      Happy Hanukkah, Jack!!!! A day late, I know!

  2. Just finished reading Natchez Burning and The Bone Tree by Greg Iles. They were great. Highly recommended.

    1. Thanks for the book recommendations! So many books; so little time!