Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Her, The Movie, and The Way Technology Seems Headed

I wrote a post last November called Falling In Love Over The Airways. Last weekend, I went to see the movie that I talked about in that post. Her. Have you heard about it? Have you seen it yet?

I just sighed out loud because I'm still, after 5 days, uncertain how I feel about it. The premise is so "later 21st century-ish" (it does take place in the not too distant future), and it kind of scared me. I know I liked it even though I was uncomfortable. It's unique, well produced and acted.

It's no secret that the main, man, character falls in love with a personalized OS created especially for him. At times, you even forget that "she" is not a real she after all. And they do much the same things you would do when dating (and then, uh-hmm, some) like see a movie, go to the beach, hang out and talk. They do EVERYTHING with the exception of touching, of course, because she is not made of flesh. It's sweet and sexy and insecure and desperate. It's the same feelings we've all had falling in love. But....

It's not real. 

However, in their minds, it is. 

There's even a platonic best friend situation, which develops between another character and her OS. It feels so natural and fun and alive. 

However, it's not real. 

But is it? The feelings are real, seemingly, on both sides (human and OS).

I don't know. It confused me.

We all have friends, don't we, who maintain almost constant eye-to-screen attention to their "smart" phones? It's like they're mesmerized by a new and delicious lover and they can't breakaway. Or entranced by a real, in the flesh, best friend when it feels like you are the only two people in the room and you amuse each other so easily. This, I'm afraid, is the movie.

I felt lonely and sad (and unsettled about technology) walking out of the theatre. Is this where we're headed? I hope not! Though I can see it happening right before my very eyes at times.

So here's my cell number, (234) 555-1233. Call me. I'd rather hear your voice and know there's actual blood running through veins on the other end. Better still, call me to set up a coffee or wine date (even better). I want to touch your arm and smile at you in person.

(See the movie and let me know your thoughts, please.)


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  1. This post was very interesting for me, Gina. From start to finish. You've intrigued me to the point that I now want to see the film. Although I fear, like you, I will leave it disturbed and bothered.

    Unfortunately, I already see society moving in that direction, albeit a bit less dramatically. And I already have friends and (ahem) loved ones who seem unable to ignore a beeping phone or look away from a screen when a live human being is talking.

    Truth? It's made me hyperaware of the fact that I, too, use my phone a great deal. I've actually become a little paranoid about checking it when at a group dinner table. The last thing I want to appear is rude or dependent on this artificial relationship.

    As such, I for one will continue to make the effort to choose the speaker with a pulse over the one with a rechargeable battery when forced to choose between two entities. You guys can hold me to it.

    Thanks for linking up. Please come back and see us on the 1st.